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Web, Mail & Domains

We provide services for simple and complex web hosting including email services and domains. We cooperate with the registrar with ICANN and ccTLD accreditation.

Servers and VPS

For smaller projects we provide standard hosting and housing of dedicated servers and VPS. We also offer the services of our technicians (administration).

Background for projects

We provide infrastructure for any type of project. We will build and provide tailor-made everything for your project to grow effectively.

Dedicated Server Auction

Best offer, amazing prices. Bid on the auction and save! No minimum period or setup fees!

€ 8.32
8h 12 m lasts
2x Intel Xeon E5620, 16x 2.66GHz, CPU Mark 9538128 GB4x 1TB
€ 13.66
32h 16 m lasts
Intel Xeon E3-1230 8x 3.60GHz, CPU Mark 785232 GB2x 2TB
€ 3.22
28h 51 m lasts
AMD Athlon 5350, 4x 2.05GHz, CPU Mark 261016 GB1x 500GB
€ 3.6
24h 47 m lasts
AMD Athlon 5350, 4x 2.05GHz, CPU Mark 261016 GB1x 1TB
€ 1.58
24h 51 m lasts
Intel D2700, 4x 2.13GHz, CPU Mark 8424 GB2x 500GB
€ 1.8
10h 30 m lasts
Intel J1900, 4x 2.42GHz, CPU Mark 18538 GB1x 128GB
€ 11.88
55h 1 m lasts
Intel Xeon W3530, 8x 3.06GHz, CPU Mark 521312 GB2x 1TB
€ 2.46
18h 1 m lasts
Intel i3-6100U, 4x 2.30GHz, CPU Mark 36038 GB1x 1TB
€ 2.97
6h 56 m lasts
2x Intel Xeon E5507, 8x 2.26GHz, CPU Mark 6250192 GB2x 2TB
€ 1.19
5h 56 m lasts
Intel D410, 2x 1.66GHz, CPU Mark 3014 GB1x 500GB
€ 5.94
22h 21 m lasts
Intel i5-3470S, 4x 3.60GHz, CPU Mark 640532 GB2x 2TB
€ 4.45
40h 20 m lasts
Intel G1850, 2x 2.90GHz, CPU Mark 290916 GB1x 500GB
€ 14.26
21h 51 m lasts
Intel i7-4770S, 8x 3.90GHz, CPU Mark 935332 GB2x 2TB
€ 2.77
15h 11 m lasts
AMD X4-5370, 4x 2.20GHz, CPU Mark 291516 GB1x 2000GB
€ 2.22
18h 6 m lasts
2x AMD Opteron 252, 4x 2.60GHz, CPU Mark 28368 GB2x 74GB
€ 8.12
42h 6 m lasts
Intel Pentium D945, 2x 3.40GHz, CPU Mark 7328 GB2x 1000GB
€ 11.88
25h 11 m lasts
Intel Xeon E3-1230 8x 3.60GHz, CPU Mark 785216 GB2x 2TB
€ 8.7
24h 46 m lasts
Intel Xeon E3-1265L v4, 8x 3.30GHz, CPU Mark 906032 GB2x 4TB
€ 6.27
22h 6 m lasts
AMD FX-6300, 6x 4.90GHz, CPU Mark 640932 GB1x 500GB
€ 6.53
28h 1 m lasts
Intel Xeon E3-1230, 8x 3.60GHz, CPU Mark 785232 GB2x 250GB + 2x 2TB
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Why us?

We would like to explain to you why you should use our services...


No worries

You do not invest in hardware or labor. Our administrators will prepare everything for your project. They will ensure everything your project needs. You can fully focus on your project or application. You can let us worry about maintenance, backup, security etc.


Best price

Thanks to our own background and many years of experience in the field we are able to offer our services at very attractive prices. With customized solutions we achieve the best price / performance ratio on the market.


Quality Hosting

We store spare parts, monitor everything and back up everything. For extremely demanding projects, we have individual servers in several countries. We can provide high availability solutions (cluster/cloud).


Great support

Our experienced technicians and developers are here 24 hours a day to help you. No canned responses or delays. We prevent problems. If they occur, we solve problems immediately!


Thousands of web applications

Our administrators have many years of experience with the vast majority of modern web applications. It is no problem for us to optimize everything so that the project brings you maximum profit.


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Czech Republic, EU

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